Company formations

We can assist you with all aspects of Jersey company Incorporation. 

A Jersey company is formed after initially receiving name approval from the Jersey Financial Services Commission Company Registry. Following this, the Memorandum and Articles of Association are submitted to the Companies Registry which issues a Certificate of Incorporation and consent to issue shares. Once the company has been incorporated it may begin operations.

Before incorporating a company we will need to understand who you are and what your requirements and those of the company are, and we will take you through the fact setting process required.

La Ville Formations Limited and it's subsidiaries are able to provide the Registered Office, Corporate Secretary and Nominee Shareholders that are required for a Jersey Company. We are able to assist with the preparation for, attendance at and required follow up from meetings with you, our client, and any professional intermediaries , together with the preparation of Company resolutions and Board Minutes as required.

We understand what Good Corporate Governance needs to be and will guide you accordingly.

Company formation and secretarial services are provided by La Ville Formations Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries, La Ville Corporate Services Limited and La Ville Secretaries Limited, which are regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.