Business valuations and share based transactions

Apart from purchasing a property the largest financial transaction an entrepreneur is likely to make is the purchase or sale of a Corporate Entity.  Traditionally Jersey companies have been used to conduct both trading and investment activity and therefore the sale and purchase of companies is a regular event. 

Whilst the legal advisers acting for both parties will conduct the majority of the work to secure the transfer of control from one shareholder group to another the impartial advice from the accountant, acting for either side in negotiations, can prove invaluable especially when assisting with understanding the taxation implications of a share sale under the revised 0%/10% shareholder tax regime that commenced on 1 January 2013. 
PKF BBA Partners have built up considerable experience over the last 20 years in both Valuing and acting for purchasers and vendors of companies, as well as providing share valuations for the Royal Court pursuant to legal proceedings.